Victoria (B.C.)

Joyce Goodey went home from the 2006 workshop on Vancouver Island and based on what she had learned went on to build a very convincing wall on her own property on Moss Street in Victoria, BC.



At our request Joyce has sent us some pictures of this wall for posting on the website.

It is made from a very colourful and easy to work with local slate which can be obtained quite reasonably. 

She wrote of her wall...


The wall took 15 days. I had not realised just how much hearting it would take – almost as much as the wall stone. Several areas of tear down and rebuild as it didn’t ‘look right’. Still some areas of imperfection, but now it’s character.


So what did I learn from John?

Can’t do it quickly.

Stand back and look.

Get the batting right.

Lots of hearting.

Through or near through stones.

See where the stone wants to go – don’t force it.

Oh, and did I mention patience?


Love working with the stone, enjoyed the courses. Hope to work on some projects in the future.