London Area (Ontario)




 Patrick Callon, a waller in western Ontario recently built these impressive dry stone terraces in the London Ontario area, with his crew . The homeowner had previously built a retaining wall using 8" wide one layer thick sawn stone to a height of 4' and 6' with advice from other landscapers. After 2 winters it began to fail . Patrick was called in. They did a nice job of completely rebuilding the wall by blending the existing stone 2",4",6",and 8" sawn bed with some extra material, mostly very large chunky un-sawn stone.They brought in 16 tons of new natural material and about 10 tons of broken stone / concrete / paving stone... as "hearting". All the pieces had to be chiseled due to having to work with the many smooth sawn ends and the machine-like squareness of many stones. The walls are 48 inches thick at the base.