Cumberland Villiage


This is the Eaton Project in Cumberland Village, Ontario, completed January 2012. It's all Brett McBirnie's design, and the first dry stone job he's done, though he has been working several years in heritage masonry.  120-140 ton of materials give or take was installed over 3 months. The patios and steps rise over 4' of grade. The patios were levelled in such a way that though appearing to be level, actually route any water flow to specific drain ways. Underlying this are two french drains and a web of nearly 200' of drainage tile, to allow for 0% surface run-off and 'grit' getting into the adjoining pool. Square footage is approximately 2000 sq./ft. It also incorporates a/c power outlets and an ample amount of geo-textile base, as the entire job is built on highly unstable leda clay. The stone material is from Wiarton and Riada.The design is laid out to allow for traffic flow between two back decks, while maintaining a static seating area that is separate, inclusive of ease of access to pool. Also, and more importantly, the clients are new grandparents, so while seated at any location within the structure, the sight lines are never blocked by anything higher than 20"... so as to be able to keep an eye on the toddlers making a bee line for the pool.