Valentyne Workshop September 9-10

Friday, September 8, 2006 to Saturday, September 9, 2006
Valentyne Ontario
Beginner Seminar

These Valentyne Dry Stone Wall Workshops, which were taught in September at a beautiful country property north of Uxbridge presented people with the challenge of building a 3 and a half foot high curvy dry stone wall. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and learned quite a lot. Of the 90 feet of meandering dry stone wall footprint prepared with gravel and various sizes of locally gathered fieldstone, laid out so beautifully, over 50 feet of wall in all was constructed , between Saturday morning and mid- Sunday afternoon, (complete with rugged dry stacked granite coping). Thanks to Gary for getting us so much lovely stone to 'play' with, and his enthusiasm during the project. Thanks to Amina who provided some wonderful lunches and encouragement from the sidelines. 



The wall incorporated a comfortable seat/style which students constructed so that two people can sit and watch the unobstructed sunsets over the neighbouring cornfields . Gary and Amina plan to do just that a lot this fall. 


Thanks to the students who caught on well to the basic walling concepts and were not daunted by the roundness of stones, which the glaciers so bountifully blessed Southern Ontario with, millions of years ago.