Two DSWAC Walling Workshops in Vancouver the week of April 13-17

Sunday, April 12, 2009
N W Landscape and nursery supplies Burnaby Vancouver BC
Intermediate Seminar

 Three workshops were completed in British Columbia by the DSWAC April 13 to 17, 2009

                                                    Here are some of the highlights.



Naturally occurring basalt columns are found all over the region around Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia. Northwest Landscape and Stone Supplies has several scree slope quarries in the area and supplies these unusual 5 sided elongated formations for various purposes. Here the columns are used wisely to landscape the driveway of an establishment in downtown Whistler.

Students were learning to build dry stone walls in Squamish for a one-day workshop on April 17 using this same basalt rock but in a more fragmented form.


See below. 




April in Squamish 

We had cold rain and misty weather followed by brisk wind, then it turned partly sunny, then a small, dark hurricane came through which we decided to work and got thoroughly drenched, and finally, after that the sun came out and it got too hot.

The 'needle opening' can now represent  the 'eye' of the hurricane!


Dry stone wall feature built in Squamish by students employed at  Northwest Landscaping and Stone taking the DSWAC workshops held in April 2009.

 A previous workshop held in British Columbia earlier in April 2009 produced two lovely walls. This picture shows the students before they begin to work on an arch to connect those walls at NWLS in Burnaby.



Students are looking at the dry stone arch they constructed in Burnaby during the special two-day workshop at NWLS stone yard where walling courses are being run in conjunction with the DSWAC this week.




The workshop involved 9 students taking down 20 feet of existing wall ( built during DSWAC 2008 workshops) and rebuilding 30 more feet and then completing a dry laid gothic arch garden feature.


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