Sweet Life Farm Dry Stone 'Outdoor Shower' Workshop July 4-5

Saturday, July 4, 2020 to Sunday, July 5, 2020
Madoc Ontario
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We are once again offering a dry stone wall and 'sweet' life farm workshop experience. Should we call it a build your own happening ? A gathering of people with or without walling skills, or even sweet (or sour)  farm life experience, who will hopefully again (as those who did participate and who enjoyed last years workshop ) get to know, through hands-on working with stones , what it is we can do with stones, that perhaps we never dared to find out before, As well as experience one-to-one interaction,  and several-to-several, appreciation for each other, while we enjoy our building blessings, in a mixed, stone-studded farm environment adventure  .

Come join us for the small cost of 250 dollars for two days and nights of home cooked lunches and a opportunity to learn how to lay and shape local fieldstones and build an out door  spiral-shaped dry stone shower together , together! .

And maybe afterwards, all enjoy one together?  No no   Just kidding 

There are swimming ponds and an outdoor sauna on the property too

To inquire more about, or register for, this two day workshop, please write mcclaryharris@sympatico.ca

There is some limited accommodation for this event on site at the Sweet Life farm   Please inquire about cost and availability at judyadler@bell.net or vist thier website at http://sweetlifefarm.ca