Stone Arch Footbridge Workshop

Saturday, September 1, 2018 to Saturday, September 8, 2018
Victoria B C
Fully Booked

Artist's rendering of how the Dominion Brook Bridge will look.

The Dominion Brook Bridge project is going to be run by DSWAC (Dry Stone Walling Across Canada) as an eight day dry stone walling workshop that is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about building beautiful practical structures of stone without mortar. The course consists of on-site hands-on instruction under the direction of John Shaw-Rimmington ( with two fully trained assistants) where students are to complete an 8 foot span, 16 feet long, four foot wide, dry laid, traditional style, Scottish packhorse footbridge, constructed using a variety of local very random natural stone material .
Details can be obtained concerning registering for this course, which runs from Saturday September 1 up to and including Saturday September 8, at No previous walling experience is required. Various bridge building tasks will be demonstrated and then taught and assigned and monitored to attendees according to students interest, aptitude, strength and capability. 
Besides the actual building of the stone bridge span, all aspects of this unique type of bridge construction will be covered starting with how the wooden centring is built, an explanation of how it is to be supported, preliminary foundation work and the securing the creek banks and building of the approaches and abutments of the bridge and surrounding retaining wall , shaping voussoirs and springers, parapet features and pitched cobble stone surface. Cost for this 8 day building adventure is 1400 dollars . We strongly advise to get best value for the experience you take full course, as the schedule needs to remain flexible and the actual demonstration times of specific elements of the 8 days of the build can not be posted in advance. There is some provision for attending the workshop at a cost of 250 a day, however attendees not taking the full course need to pay for and attend at least 3 consecutive days.