Past Year 2022 Hands-On Dry Stone Walling At Sweet Life Farm

Saturday, July 9, 2022 to Sunday, July 10, 2022
Near Madoc Ontario, just over a couple hours east and north of toronto
Beginner Seminar

The weekend of July 9-11, 2022 there was another special dry stone wall course given by John Shaw-Rimmington and Mark Ricard at Sweet Life Farm near Madoc Ontario. It was a lot of fun

wurg tastey meals , stone balancing, live music out door showering, swimming in the pond, and a friendly collaborateive walling effort with some very cool people,

The students learned the basics (and a bit more) of dry stone walling as well as got to know each other and make all kinds of new contacts


Forty feet of new dry stone wall wall was completed ( including vertical copimg ) by lunch time on the Monday after the main workshop thanks to Craig Oatman, Judy Adler, Brienna Borthwick, Steven Watts who stayed on. Thanks too to all 14 students for making so much happen on Saturday and Sunday. 

The satisfaction that comes through gathering together to build a dry stone wall is always made even more enjoyable when there is closure like this. So few activities in life offer that wonderful possibility of actually being completed.