May 27, 2006 Balsam Lake Workshop

Friday, May 26, 2006
Balsam Lake
Beginner Seminar
A fine crew of wallers signed up for this year's dry stone wall course at Balsam Lake. With a morning of instruction from John Shaw-Rimmington the group did a competent repair (under Matthew Ring's guidance) to a sad looking section of wall near the road at Nick and Elizabeth’s lakefront property. The walls in this area are at least 100 years old and add so much beauty to the stretch of road they border. Several sections are in need of serious repair, partly due to hydro trucks, bad drivers and severe and continuous snow plow activity, catapulting heavy snow against the walls each winter, but with more workshops every year we may be able to get ahead of the onslaught of mechanized destruction. 






Beautiful stretch of original dry stone wall along Balsam Lake Road Ontario, that has remained in tact for over 100 years.