Lakewinds Seminar

Saturday, April 24, 2004
Beginner Seminar

April 25, 2004 
There is not much you can do outside on a rainy day except, perhaps, build walls without cement. The all day seminar up at Lakewinds Farm this April was one of those memorable occasions. The cold driving rain and biting wind was even worse than environment Canada had predicted for that Sunday the 25th.
Despite the howling weather, a dozen or so bold and very enthusiastic participants (men and women) turned up to learn how to build a section of granite fieldstone wall. We were treated to mugs of hot soup and coffee and wonderful maple syrup muffins at lunch, provided by Margaret and Mary and then to a slide show on 'hardscaping' in Canada by John Shaw-Rimmington (president of DSWAC). 

After we had all warmed up somewhat, we went out to battle the elements again before returning home at the end of the day, fully exhausted, yet content that we'd made the best of an awful day and produced something that would stand for years, to show for it. Thanks to the Kressibuchers for providing the venue and letting us slip and slide in the mud and huddle in their garage to get warm.