Jan 29-30 indoor workshop at Landscape Ontario

Friday, January 28, 2005 to Saturday, January 29, 2005
Advanced Seminar

Our first Advanced DSWAC Dry Stone Wall Masonry Course was held indoors in a beautifully warm and spacious building near Milton Ontario. The course was taught by John Shaw-Rimmington and Dean McClellan who worked with ten students from Canada and the United States for two days to produce this attractive dry laid wall, nearly forty feet of well fitted stones complete with cheek ends, arch and styles and shaped coping.

The students were taught to cut and  shape granite, mica schist stone and limestone and use their beginners skills in building a free standing  five foot arch. Everyone was 
pretty excited to be able to be already doing this kind of work after only a few days of instruction, and also pretty smug that they could be getting dry stone walling  in January, during such snowy below freezing temperatures outside. The sun came streaming through the roof of greenhouse most of the time and it was warm enough that many of us worked in our T shirts. We will be doing this course again as more and more people find out about the DSWAC and what we all about. Thanks to Landscape Ontario for providing the space for us to hold these training sessions.