Inverary Wall workshop . Part two

Saturday, July 2, 2011 to Sunday, July 3, 2011
Inverary Ontario
Beginner Seminar

The second Inverary dry stone wall workshop was run on the July 1st Dominion Day weekend. It was far too hot and humid to be working. It was incredibly sticky both days and blistering hot, especially when you weren't in the shade. We should have all gone down to the beach. We should have put our feet up and drunk lemonade. But no, we struggled through the entire day pushing rocks around in the hot sun.

It is amazing what pushes people to push rocks! Had it been just me I probably would have quit. But there they were, ten people all eager to work hard and make something beautiful and lasting. No one was complaining. No one was grumbling about the work conditions or dragging other people down moaning about not getting enough breaks.

These were people who didn't want to go home until they had got the full experience of walling without mortar. They were enthusiastic and unstoppable.