Highland Games of Uxbridge

Monday, July 21, 2003
Uxbridge Ontario

Don't Cage Stones

Saturday two teams of dry stone wallers were competing, building sections of wall using local irregular blasted limestone (called rap rock or shot rock, basically 'Gabion stone', before it is sorted and then cruelly put into wire basket cages!). The stone was provided by Vicdom Sand and Gravel. Later that weekend, the walls were judged on speed and beauty and correctness of construction.

On Sunday the teams joined the two walls together
with a demonstration of dry stone arching.

The walls became part of the fencing arrangement that penned show cattle and livestock at the Highland event. Great to see animals behind natural stone walls instead of metal fencing.

Many thanks to all who competed including Robin Thornrose and his crew, and Dean McLellan and Chris Overing.