Headwaters Healing Wheel of Trees

Sunday, May 21, 2006 to Friday, May 26, 2006
Advanced Seminar

Here are Pictures of the Healing Wheel of Trees project at Headwaters Healthcare in Orangeville 2006 






The Healing Wheel of Trees is an initiative of the volunteer group The Friends of Headwaters in Orangeville Ontario Canada. The Friends of Headwaters have both built and maintained the beautiful gardens off the inpatient wings over the past several years. Their attention has now focussed on creating a welcoming and dramatic entrance to our hospital. 

The Healing Wheel of Trees project was designed and implemented by volunteers. The project has been funded through donations, including materials, equipment, funding and, of course, the “sweat equity” of those who volunteered their time to actually build the wall. They all deserve thanks. 

The dry stone wall built over the fall of 2005 and the spring of 2006 under the instruction of John Shaw-Rimmington has become a tremendous asset for the Orangeville hospital. It is a distinctive and meaningful legacy that will last many generations. The DSWAC would like to offer a special thank you to Lynn Sinclair-Smith for her vision, determination and drive to have taken on such a demanding project and to see it through.