Glendale Gardens Workshops

Friday, June 27, 2008 to Saturday, July 5, 2008
Victoria British Columbia
Beginner Seminar

Here are some more pictures of the dry stone walls built at the Glendale Gardens in and around the Canada Day Weekend in Victoria B. C.






The last dry stone wall workshop was held during the Organic Island festival , an event where thousands gather to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for more healthy ways to live together on this planet. we figured we were doing our part building "organic walls" and providing natural stone enclosures where local organic wines and beers could be tasted.





One of the best kept of 'Victoria's secrets' is Glendale Gardens,( formerly the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific) with a superb accredited horticulture program, 93 acres of conservation area and 6 acres of spectacular gardens which showcase over 10,000 varieties of plants (most labelled) in 28 different areas designed to demonstrate landscaping techniques suitable for the Pacific Northwest..




The collection of permanent dry stone walls and garden features which you can see in and around Glendale, all of which are the result of the DSWAC student workshops there at Glendale in the last two years, have continued to add a certain sense of place and character to the gardens.