Glendale BC Seminars

Friday, October 19, 2007 to Sunday, October 28, 2007
Glendale British Columbia
Beginner Seminar

During the last half of October 2007, the DSWAC was invited to Glendale Gardens to help run some more dry stone walling workshops in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. These two day workshops were very well attended and produced some wonderful new stone walls which are situated near the enclosed Japanese garden and nearby, to the south of vegetable garden. The students learned how to build with dump loads of local random blasted rock (mostly boulders) as well as stack flatter gneiss rock, which is much more expensive and comes delivered on pallets.

The first class of students worked blissfully through extended periods of drizzle, as they got the hang of fitting large odd shaped rocks with the bulk of their mass into the wall, all the time taking care to maintain the batter of the wall.

The second class continued in much better weather, extending another straight section of wall along the lane, placing some massive coping stones onto the top, to finish 28 feet of new wall in 2 days., Much of the hearting material had to be made on site by breaking up larger chunks of rubble. This was done every day for the students by Chris and Rolph and Francis who were volunteering their time.

The advanced class, mostly full-time students at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific , learned some principles of dry laid vaulting as they completed the first half of a circular garden feature incorporating two gothic arches.

This unique structure, which creates the impression of being part of some larger ancient ruin, was co-designed by Robin Burton and John Shaw-Rimmington. Special thanks to Chris Barclay for giving up his whole week to help move and shape stone and to Dean Rebneris for being the catalyst for this western Canada DSWAC venue, for providing accommodation and for continuing to cultivate interest in dry stone walling here in BC.