Dalhousie University Workshop

Saturday, August 29, 2015 to Sunday, August 30, 2015
Halifax Nova Scotia
Historic Repair


This two day course taught by John Shaw-Rimmington focused on restoring a small section of what must be over 2000 feet of historic dry stone walls that surround Studley Campus, Dalhousie University in Halifax. Some of these landmark walls were built as far back as 1915. Most of them are in a much need of repair. 

Over the August 29-30 weekend ten students (8 full time staff and two local dry stone enthusiasts) learned and then applied the fundamental principles of walling, taking a lot of satisfaction bringing this small segment of the dry stone wall complex that surrounds the campus back to its former glory. 


  This is what the section of wall looked like before the students dismantled and rebuilt it.

This photo shows just part of the fully repaired workshop wall. A big thank you goes to the students who worked so hard in the hot sun to rebuild the wall and to the administrators at Dalhousie University who made this special workshop possible.