Cumberland House Workshop

Friday, May 27, 2005
Port Hope Ontario
Beginner Seminar

On May 28th 2005, 12 new trainees got to participate in a walling project at Cumberland House in downtown Port Hope. 30 tons of dolomite limestone rocks were waiting to be put into place to form a dry stone wall bordering along one of the many properties with beautiful ravine lots in Port Hope.

The work went well and the weather was accommodating. After some initial instruction from John Shaw-Rimmington, president of the DSWAC, and a morning of intense foundational work, the group broke for a marvellous lunch of meat pies and salad. In the afternoon about 60 feet of wall was brought almost to finished height.
Here are shots of the now completed wall:

Thanks to everyone who got involved. It is always amazing to see how 'right' a dry stone wall actually looks and how much fun they are to build.