Beginner Walling Workshop

Saturday, May 6, 2017 to Sunday, May 7, 2017
Canton, Ontario
Beginner Seminar

Yesterday, our two-day DSWAC weekend walling workshop, in Canton Ontario, finished in style, and on stiles. 

Well done, to all the students. In the world of walling, when stones and people work together and lift each other up, nothing is impossible.

Sometimes it's too easy, almost glib to merely tell someone as they're going,'have a nice day'. How does one actually implement that suggestion if your day doesn't go that well? 

Im not sure. But I do know that if you spend the day learning how to build with stone (no mortar) almost always, something nice happens to your day.

So it is that, despite lots of mud, slippery to handle tools, cold weather and a constant drizzly downpour, the students taking the two day walling workshop in Canton Ontario all ended up having, just that, a very 'nice day' both Saturday and Sunday.

About the course.

A walling course offering lots of hands on experience for the beginner as well as intermediate, and providing several fun elements for the enthusiast looking to be creative using only random limestone quarry stone or local fieldstone.

Two days of instruction with John Shaw-Rimmington, printed material, audio visual presentation on Saturday night, lunches, snacks and HST all included for 250 dollars.