Another Sweet Life Farm Wall Event

Friday, July 30, 2021 to Sunday, August 1, 2021
Near Madoc Ontario
Beginner Seminar
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We were looking forward to gathering again with country folk as well as enthusiasts from urban communties for a dry stone ’wall-growing’ workshop at the beautiful Sweet Life Farm Retreat  not far from Madoc Ontario.

The July 30 to Aug 1  long weekend event will be another of several continuing stone ’harvests’ we run each year to reestablish a network of  historic farm walls on the estate.

This will be a two day event that includes several aspects of group participation, including harvesting ripe stones from the old hedge rows on the property, learning about the history of the area, watching and/or helping a forty foot wall ‘grow’, playing music with others and or listening to live music together, learning postural and stretching techniques (guided by Dr. Judy Adler), sharing meals, swimming in the crystal clear pond, or outdoor showering in the new out door dry stone facility, hiking ,looking for mushrooms, meditating and or just relaxing in the beautiful garden .


Sweet Life Farm is run by Judy Adler a Chiropractor, and Richard Eaton a Forester. The farm is located in Centre Hastings, a once geologically active part of Ontario. There are several small veins of Talc running through the property produced by the intrusion of magma into sedimentary rock about 1 billion years ago.  You can look out from the house across to the steep escarpment on the southerly edge of Lake Moira. This escarpment marks the edge of limestone to the south and the southern edge of the Canadian Shield to the north.The rocks around the property display the rich geological activity of the region.The sand and rocks by the ponds as well as the  rocks and boulders in the many dry stone walls were brought here by the meltwater action when the last glacier receded.

All the fundamentals (and some of the interesting nuances) of building authentic dry laid walls will be covered on this course, including gathering stones,  lifting techniques, building with irregular and round stones , various shaping tools, doing hearting, coping and maintaining proper batter.


The fee for this event, including HST is 275 dollars 

Registration for the workshop part of this event is done by contacting Mary at


A limited number of rooms and other accommodation on site will be available at the farm house for students during the weekend event (Fri and Sat) and include evening meals. 

For Registration for accommodation contact Judy Adler at 416-319-0007 or by e-mail:

Camping on the property is also being offered