Another Sweet Life Farm Wall Event

Friday, July 30, 2021 to Sunday, August 1, 2021
Near Madoc Ontario
Beginner Seminar

Although the July 30th to the Aug 1st two day weekend workshop at Sweet Life Farm stretched out to be a three day event for some of us, it was a totally enjoyable learning experience. Thirteen students and two instructors made use of the surprisingly good weather that the weatherman hadn't predicted, to produce this lovely 40 foot 'stretch' of wall to continue the line of dry stone we had started two years ago at the farm.
   Stones were gathered from the existing nearby hedgerow and reassembled into an amazing array of tidiness and beauty. Above you can see Jeff and Craig, and Jeff and Craig leaning on the wall after the second day of building.
  The wall was finished on the third day and copes added from the selection of leftover stones found further down the old hedgerow. Thank you Larry M for digging so many of these big stones out from the underbrush for us to use.

And thank you Mary for all the email and admin work getting the event organized to run smoothly.
Judy and Mary
Thank you too Judy for hosting this magnificent event with such great food from your abundant garden, and the cozy accommodation and evening entertainment, including walling stretches, music and libations

Ankle breaking celebration after competing day one of the workshop

Stimulating teaching by the inimitable Mark Ricard

Heartfelt hearting experts

Yoffi hard at work.
Another Sweet Life Wall is born