5th 2007 Indoor Seminar

Friday, February 2, 2007 to Saturday, February 3, 2007
Advanced Seminar


Our fifth indoor workshop for Feb 2007, run by the Dry Stone Walling Across Canada, went extremely well. Landscapers from London Ottawa and Haliburton learned how to do some difficult walling as they attempted to do this twisted dry stone rubble helix. It stands 10 feet tall and is completely self supporting. The centre rungs each weighing over 300 lbs , laid 12 inches apart, twist nearly 90 degrees over a central axis. The columns step out and around each other well beyond their original foundation footprints. The structure looks impossibly unstable but it is remarkably rigid. (We had to climb all over it during the raising of each massive 4 inch thick ladder stone) If the heating pipes had not been there we would have liked to have kept going to complete 180 degree or even a dazzling 360 degree rotation. But for now, there it stands until the next attempt.