Ocean View Wall.

John Shaw-Rimmington designed this unusual 'picket fence' dry stone wall which he and Mark Ricard and Shwn Kelley built recently on the West Coast.

Special thanks to Kevin Carman and Ian for doing the pebble work at the base of the gate boulders.



Our most recent bridge we built in September 2018 in Victoria B.C. showing the process from the 'future bridge site' photo, through to the 'proposed dry stone design', and the 'final construction phase' (with form still in place), to final shot of children enjoying 'finished project'.


Our dry stone bridge we built in the Haliburton Forest late July of 2018


A new dry stone bridge students built during the workshop in Pontypool in early July of 2018


Dry Stone Feature by John Shaw-Rimmington

This dry laid crevice garden wall is looking very attractive. Photographed each spring the stone’s colours seem to match the vibrant new growth everywhere. Garden walls like this can be as practical as they are beautiful, since they not only retain the soil above they provide many secure pockets of planting areas for new plants to grow over the slope of the terrace..


Some Past Dry Stone Installations

Rockport Ontario Canada  


Snow makes the perfect topping for dry stone structures here in Canada.

The Ennismore Arch has become a well known and well loved landmark since it was built two years ago during two consecutive weekend Dry Stone Walling Across Canada Workshops . It can be veiwed in the parkette situated where three different roads converge near Ennismore Ontario.


The 'bones', are the most important aspect of a well designed garden. Carefully fitted stones used in an aestheticly pleasing hardscape create the best bone structure .  This terraced garden has good bones. It will have a strong healthy visual appeal, not just in spring, summer and fall, but also all through the winter.


Farley Mowat Boat

Port Hope's Air and Sea Cadets at the dry stone Farley Mowat Boat-roofed House on November 11th Canada Remembrance Day 2017. Farley would be proud.