Rocktoberfest 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011 to Saturday, October 8, 2011
Caledon Area, North West of Toronto

Doug Bell helped with a lot of the kids events at Rocktoberfest. Here, Andy Shaw-Lukavsky  gets to play on the dry stone telescope.

Nearly completed rebuild of the Hart House Farm wall - a workshop taught during Rocktoberfest 2011

looking thru the telescope

Looking through the dry stone telescope that was built in Canada on Thanksgiving Weekend 2011


The newly completed dry stone amphitheatre we built during Rocktoberfest provided the much needed seating for the many participants attending the final concert at Hart House Farm north of Toronto on Thanksgiving Monday


photos by Sean Adcock

Kids at Rocktoberfest

Rocktoberfest 2011 was not only a walling festival, it was a music and food festival.

Our most recent dry stone wall festival 'Rocktoberfest 2011' was a great success.

Master Craftsman Norman Haddow took this before-photo  (above) of the disassembled dry stone wall in Canada that DSWAC students worked on during Rocktoberfest 2011. He and Mastercraftsman David Goulder came over from Scotland to teach this course. Below is what the new wall looked like when the festival workshop was completed.


His 'after photo' shows the same view of the area where over a hundred feet of the old wall was rebuilt Thanksgiving weekend by 24 students taught by the two Scotsmen, with the help of DSWA accredited instructors Akira Inman and Evan Oxland.


Check out Julie Wise's blog for a spectator's overview of this unusual event.

 A Blogger's view of Rocktoberfest 


Shannon Kingsbury sings at the opening of the newly constructed amphitheatre space created by an international team of wallers at this year's DSWAC's Canadian annual walling event 'Rocktoberfest' . The concert was held on Thanksgiving Monday  just minutes after the sod was laid and as the third row of dry stone seating was completed. Many people expressed the opinion that this was the best festival ever!


Photo by Sean Adcock

Another shot of some of the activity at our Thanksgiving Walling Festival


Turf topping the Amphitheatre

The Venus Gate and Mars Plinth as seen through the dry stone Telescope Bench which were all built during the four day Canadian Walling Festival 'Rocktoberfest' on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Guest wallers on these projects included Thea Alvin from Vermont, Gavin Rose from England, Sean Adcock from Wales, Jason Hoffman from Scotland and Scott George from New York.


The dry stone 'Venus Gate' amphitheatre and plinth built near Caledon Ontario Oct 2011 by  professional wallers from Scotland Wales England USA as well as member walers and volunteers with Dry Stone Walling Across Canada

Photo by Sean Adcock

Hart House Dry Stone Amphitheatre

Hart House Dry Stone Amphitheatre Seating

Hart House is creating a video of the events at "Rocktoberfest 2011" Anyone willing to contribute photos for possible inclusion in the project please send them to by Oct  21. If you have some great photos and cannot meet this date, please send a query to Rick. Horizontal compositions preferred, 720 x 480 or larger preferred. If you have a lot of photos, please send only the best or query about other ways to share large amounts of data. 


One of the several booth displays at Hart House Farm including Trow and Holden tool displays.