Norland June 4 and 5

Friday, June 3, 2005 to Saturday, June 4, 2005
Norland Ontario
Beginner Seminar

The Norland two day dry stone walling event was a complete success. About a dozen walling enthusiasts came together to build a hundred and forty feet of dry stone wall from some lovely old field stone piled long ago along the hedge row of a farm just North of Norland, Ontario. The stone was a beautiful lichen covered, dappled black and brown and buff colour and it came in every size and shape you could imagine.The weather was hot but not unbearable. The crew got right to work on the wall after some instruction from John Shaw-Rimmington going over the details of a newly constructed dry stone cheekend built the day before, they got right to it.


When about 90 feet of wall was completed people grabbed their cameras to take pictures of their beautiful new wall as if it had just some how come to life. 


Saturday night we all went out for supper at the Riverside in Norland for a terrific 3 course meal and an evening of socializing followed by an informative dry stone wall visual presentation back at the farm.

Thanks to Margery for providing two wonderful lunches and to Scott and the family for preparing the site so well. This event is going to be put on again next year or possibly in the fall. The property is such a beautiful spot and there is plenty country to explore there, camping on site will be probably be an option next year. Thanks to the people who came and made it so much fun and made such a fine looking wall.