Livingstone Workshop

Friday, November 12, 2004
Bellfountain Ontario
Beginner Seminar

We kind of took a chance and planned one last Dry Stone Wall Workshop for November 13th 2004 on Mississauga Road near Brampton. The weather turned out to be terrific. It was a bit brisk in the morning (some of the stones were frozen to the lawn!) but by noon we were really 'rockin' and much of the wall was finished by 4:30 that afternoon. Thanks to all the people who having requested this special extra seminar, actually showed up to participate. (No-shows are always a bit disappointing) Thanks too to Barry and Diane Livingstone for hosting this event and providing us with a great BBQ lunch and plenty to eat and drink. We had a great time and made lots of new friends. The stones, all from the livingstones property, were all round but we proved again, that if you are careful you can build these walls with just about any kind of stone. The vertical coping we capped the wall with, really made the wall look "sweet", don't you think?