Indoor Workshop at Bethany Ontario Jan 28-29

Friday, January 27, 2006 to Saturday, January 28, 2006
Bethany Ontario
Beginner Seminar

Once again we were doing inside walling, staying very warm and 'dry' while it drizzled high overhead, and pelted the outer walls of our bright environment with freezing rain. We are not talking 'dry walling', this is 'dry stone walling'.
Though sometimes the learning curve seems very steep, this particular weekend things went amazingly smoothly. Three landscapers from New Brunswick along with other competent professionals and several enthusiastic homeowners joined together to form two teams of wallers, for the purpose of building, and learning better how to build, 'walls without mortar'. The two example walls, built by students the previous weekend, were analyzed and then dismantled, and then over the two days, two new walls were built. This time we incorporated a small 'stile' and a larger decorative arch. Lunches and dinner were times for getting to know one another better, sharing walling stories and enjoying the wonderful buffet at the Granary in Bethany Ontario, where everyone agreed the bread pudding was simply delicious.