Haliburton Highland Games

Friday, July 8, 2005
Haliburton ontario

The Haliburton Highland Games held on July 9th east of Minden Ontario were
the scene of another demonstration by Dry Stone Walling Across
Canada. John Shaw-Rimmington and a team of crack wallers built a dry stone
sheep fold complete with stile steps and using a naturally shaped massive 53
inch lintel supported above the opening. Looking very much like the tip of a
castle emerging from the ground , the structure was built in a record 9
hours  and was viewed with much admiration. Part of the event was covered by
the local radio station which may be a first for dry stone walling in
Canada. We hope to be invited back next year to build the rest of the
castle! Thanks to John Storm, Dr Carlan Stants, Leigh Bamford, Dan Fockler
and Maddy Shaw-Rimmington for their terrific effort in coming out and
supporting the DSWAC cause.