For the Love of Gardening

Thursday, April 10, 2008 to Saturday, April 12, 2008
Peterborough, Ontario

Thanks everyone for helping us put on a great DSWAC walling demonstration at this year's Peterborough Garden Show. It appears that many people were quite impressed with what we built. Over twenty tons of stone was brought into the arena in wheelbarrows to construct this interesting crevice-garden/bias-wall design. Most of it was built in the 2 days before the show. All the shaping and fitting and stacking and hearting, plus the 3 arch building demo sessions, and the arch extension wall, was all done by DSWAC volunteers.

The thyme wall-top planting material was donated by Groundcovers Unlimited in Bethany Ontario.


A wonderful 'wallerman lunch' was provided for the crew on the last day of the show by Donna Grylls.



This year's show was a great opportunity for wallers to get to spend time together and renew friendships and share new ideas.

There was some great TV coverage, by a local TV station, of the garden walls being built, on the Friday and some even better still photography coverage, throughout the week, by Jonathan Howcroft .


 I am always delighted that we can organize and construct non-permanent installations of this scale at these events. Its great to stand back at the end of the day and know that we all did our very best again at promoting the wonderful craft of dry stone walling in Canada.




Thanks to Jon Howcroft who helped on the walls and created and provided the natural stone bench and for took all these pictures. 

Here are some additional pictures by Jonathan Howcroft.