Festival of Stone 2012 with special two-day dry stone wall workshop

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 to Saturday, October 6, 2012
Northwest of Montreal


The 2012 Festival of Stone — formerly called Rocktoberfest, —was a fantastic four day event held last Thanksgiving.
It ran from from Oct 4th to Oct 8th (Thursday -Sunday)
It was held outside Montreal on the beautiful private estate
of Vignoble Domaine de la Côte Mont Regaud 

Overing property

Festival of Stone BridgeFestival of Stone double-arched dry stone bridge.

Thea Alvin along with her partner Michael Clookey came from Morrisville Vermont to build a wonderful dry stone spiral sculpture for everyone during the four wonderful days of our Festival of Stone in Montreal.The garden feature was quite a hit with big kids and small kids alike. It added that much needed element of fun and whimsy that is sometimes missing in dry stone walling events here in Canada.

Norman's class

DSWA mastercraftsman Norman Haddow taught one of the workshops at our ninth annual Canadian Thanksgiving dry stone wall festival in Montreal. Here is a pic taken at the end of the first day of building. Well done guys!


On the last day of the Festival of Stone 2012, the hosts of the event, along with Patrick McAfee, Norman Haddow and John Shaw-Rimmington gathered on the newly constructed bridge for a ceremonial 'pouring of the scotch' on the key stone.

Guest stone workers, instructors and presenters at this year's 'Festival of Stone' included...

Patrick McAfee from Ireland   and  John Henry from Washington DC

Sean Adcock from Wales www.dry-stone.co.uk/   The Alvin from Vermont www.myearthwork.com


  • S and N

Shona McLeod                                          Norman Haddow

See more about Shona McLeod work on Isle of Skye at  http://www.skye-stones.co.uk/gallery.html

Noman Haddow's blog on walling at  www.wallswithoutmortar.blogspot.com 

The 'Festival of Stone' in Montreal happened during Thanksgiving 2012. 

Besides walls , arched sculptures, carvings, world class stonework presntations, music and the first ever in Canada Welsh Clawdd being constructed, we built an amazing double arch bridge during the four days of our annual Canadian dry stone wall festival.

Apart from the two workshps, everything else was free. It' was held at a beautiful country estate where people could come and enjoy watching, wallers take part in this one of a kind professional dry stone in the demonstration celebration!

 F and M Brewery in Guelph kindly provided several kegs of their wonderful 'Stonehammer Beer' for the four days of Festival of Stone , as they did last Thanksgiving at our event in Caledon Ontario



David Claman Matt Jones and Christopher Barclay help move a big bridge stone.

Shona Mcleod's Festival of Stone walling workshop in progress


Domaine Côte Mont Rigaud,Quebec

The Overing estate wall.