Eco Garden - Amphitheatre Installation/Workshop for dry stone walling enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Friday, May 30, 2014 to Saturday, May 31, 2014
South Hibernia St. in downtown Cobourg Ontario.
Beginner Seminar

The May Dry Stone Walling Across Canada  two-day dry stone walling seminar at the Cobourg
Ecology Garden was a complete success.
Students were instructed in all areas of walling and completed the lower seating area of a lecture amphitheatre similar to the permanent public structure created 8 years ago by DSWAC members at the Headquarters Building in Cobourg (and the seating area centered around the Venus gate built during the  Canadian Dry Stone Walling Festival at Hart House Farm in 2011)

Students gained hands-on experience as they participated in practicing the basics of 'walling' including foundations,, through stones, batter and hearting, as well learning the ecological merits of this kind of 'low-impact' construction. Several students took the opportunity to practice shaping the dense dolomite limestone material that was used for this project.

Thanks to James Quelch who envisioned the project and made the whole event possible.