DSWAC Meeting

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Toronto Ontario
DSWAC Meeting

On December 4th 2011 sixteen people assembled upstairs at Highway 61 Southern Barbeque Restaurant in Toronto to discuss the direction of organized dry stone walling in Canada. Enthusiasts and professionals alike gathered at the request of our DSWAC integrated resources consultant Evan Oxland to hear what Dean Mclellan had to say about becoming a not for profit organization. We were encouraged to link ourselves as closely as possible with the DSWA in Great Britain and adopt their well tested certification scheme and uphold their rigorous standards as a model of Canadian walling. Discussion was lively and a board of five members were chosen to discuss and formulate the objectives of such an organization for all members to then approve in order to proceed to the next stage of legal incorporation.  Dr Carlan Stants was asked to chair the meeting. Jo Hodgson and he drove all the way from Quebec to attend this important meeting. Everyone felt that this was a successful step to a new phase of the development of this association and agreed to meeting together again as soon as possible.