Baltimore Workshop

Monday, May 23, 2005
Beginner Seminar

On the May 24th weekend, 2005, 40 tons of round fieldstone were transformed into an impressive circular dry stone wall enclosing a large herb garden near Baltimore, Ontario. Looking rather like a sheepfold,  this "herbfold" was built by 14 enthusiastic students taking a DSWAC course being taught by John Shaw-Rimmington that  focused on using local fieldstone instead of quarried or split stone. The results were pretty impressive.

Here is an artist's sketch done before hand of how the walled garden might look,

and a picture of DSWAC members Mike Patten and Matthew Ring having prepared the site on the morning of the workshop before the walling commenced,

some shots of the work in progress,

the before and after shots of  the  wall,

which was started at 10am and finished that day around 6pm.

Check back here later for some shots of the herbfold when the garden is planted and Lou gets a small gate made up for the opening.

Thanks to Lou and Kim for hosting this event and the great lunch they prepared.