2nd Indoor Walling Workshop for 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009 to Saturday, January 17, 2009
Near Grafton Ontario
Beginner Seminar

Participants from the States and Canada came together to learn how to make dry laid walls this weekend January 17-18.

grafton jan 17 2009 

 Our 2nd DSWAC workshop of the new year was held inside a lovely barn just outside Grafton, Ontario.



Students practiced fitting and shaping random limestone rocks into a beautiful wall stretching nearly 40 feet through the middle of this carefully restored rural Ontario bank barn.


Dear John & Mary,


Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. You know you're doing

something right when a foot of snow doesn't stop any of your participants

from showing up at the course. The after-seminar entertainment on Saturday

evening was quite a treat and completely unexpected. Your house is nothing

short of beautiful...I aspire to have a place like it to call my own one


John this message is for you...I learned more useful information in the

first two hours of your course than I did in four days at the stone masonry

course put on by Landscape Ontario. I hope that makes you smile because

it's very true.


Thank you for passing your passion on to your students John, it is highly



Dave  D.