A 'small wall' festival within a big one..

2017 Dry Stone Festival: St. Mark's, Barriefield/East Kingston 

Bring the family and watch a heritage restoration of a stone wall. Free dry stone workshops for kids. Tour Barriefield Village and St. Mark's, see the stone carving demos or drop in to the School Museum. There's lots to see and do.

There is also a two-day walling workshop for a hands-on learning experience! Cost for the workshop (including food, entertainment and optional lectures): $300. See Dry Stone Canada for details and to register.

As in other years, there was a special children's walling activity again this year, both days at the Barriefield dry stone wall festival, involving the creating of lots of miniature 'dry pebble' walls, huts, and bridges. Parents were invited to watch, but really, this was a 'Kids Only' part of the festival. http://www.dswa.ca/event/dry-stone-canada-2017-festival

Over the past thirteen years D. S. Walling Across Canada has involved a lot of dry stone bridging across Canada too! In fact, as an organization, teaching people to build bridges is often prefered to people just learning to put up walls. Anyway, here’s hoping you can join us some day for a workshop involving some positive walling or perhaps even a bridge building course.


Public Lecture By British Artist David Wilson
Last night David Wilson led us on a marvellous visual journey into his world of stone. Many of us were in awe of the caliber and creativeness of projects he has tackled over his many years as an artist working predominantly with stone.  

His well executed public commissions dotted throughout the UK are nothing short of inspiring and his work at the Chelsea garden shows were, each one, a treat for the eyes . 

In talking with David later about his many successes and the huge challenges and personal stretching the projects have demanded of him as an artist, David admitted that over the years he has become a bit of an expert. 

He explained that an expert is someone who has made the most mistakes in his field. 

Commemorative Dry Stone Tree

On the weekend of June 10 and 11, volunteers and students taking a unique Dry Stone Walling Across Canada sculpture workshop rallied together to build a commemorative tree at the Ennismore Robert E Young Complex . Read about it on the 'completed events' page


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returns with Sheldon Lambert, conservation manager with Parks Canada, from a walk along trails at the Landon Bay area near the Thousand Island National Park on Tuesday morning. (Lars Hagberg/THE CANADIAN PRESS) http://www.recorder.ca/2017/03/28/pm-pop-in-promotes-parks-canada-sites

Who would have ever thought when we were making it back in 2010, that there would come a time Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, would one day step through our Dry Stone Walling Across Canada dry stone arch at Landon Bay Park?